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RVC Angel Capital Summit

The 2013 Angel Capital Summit promises to be the best Angel Capital Summit yet!   With 35 companies pitching to Venture Capital and Angel Investors and a full day of Angel and Investor Bootcamp Workshops, the ACS will have something for everyone.

The Angel Capital Summit typically attracts 25-30% investors, 50% entrepreneurs and 20-25% service providers and students.   ACS investors are ACTIVE – making nearly $10 million in investments in companies who presented at Angel Capital Summit 2012.   In the last six months of 2012 RVC presenting companies received an average of $2 million in investment every month with 24 deals and over $15 million invested.  We hope that will only increase this year!

The ACS is one of the largest investment conferences in the US and provides a variety of investment opportunities ranging from software and SaaS companies to Life Science, consumer goods and impact investing.   RVC carefully screens and trains all of the presenters to ensure the highest quality companies and pitches that provide the information investors need to know if they want to take due diligence to the next level.

ACS Workshops and Speakers provide the most up-to-date information on key issues to investors and entrepreneurs alike including valuation for early stage companies, exit strategies, syndicating a deal,  understanding term sheet provisions, assessing risk, negotiating the deal and more.

New Single Track Format
The single-track format brings both sides of the negotiating table together on important legal, financial, and social implications of private equity deals. Entrepreneurs and Investors are faced with different challenges surrounding the same topics. With all the players in the same room throughout the workshops and pitches, we hope that the discussion will powerful and that more connections will be made throughout the day.

Every attendee at the ACS 2013 will receive $100,000 in “Venture Bucks” to invest in the companies they feel are most promising.  Awards will be made to the companies receiving the greatest audience “investment” to provide everyone with immediate feedback.


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