RVC’s Angel List Syndicate

Rockies Venture Club is currently looking for backers for it’s AngelList Syndicate. This represents a unique opportunity to invest in some of the best companies that Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region has to offer. Rockies Venture Fund is the VC arm of Rockies Venture Club and is in place to build off of the foundation that the club has built in Colorado. The Club sees nearly 1,000 deals per year and is able to be highly selective in the companies that pitch and those that get invested in.

Deals are vetted by professional managers, including Peter Adams, author of Venture Capital for Dummies, Executive Director at RVC. Deals also receive critique from RVC’s 250 investor members who bring significant sector expertise to the analysis of investment opportunities. This analysis provides a true “wisdom of crowds” and deals that make it on to “in play” status have received more critique and analysis than most VC deals. RVC also has a due diligence team comprised of 12 analysts, all professionals, that dig into each deal to look for opportunities and threats in order to decrease the odds that investors will encounter surprises. The Due Diligence analysts prepare a thorough report including Traction, Markets, Team, Technology, Exits, Valuation, Legal landscape, Patents and IP, etc.

Rockies Venture Fund invests horizontally, looking for opportunities in multiple industries which typically include digital healthcare, life science, technology, mobile, internet, natural food and beverage, software, and fintech.

Rockies Venture Fund believes that planning for Exits leads to greater opportunities for founders and investors. The Fund prefers early exits in which deals can exit within a 2-3 year time frame, but will look at deals planning to exit in up to five years.

Rockies Venture Fund will syndicate all deals with the following characteristics:
1) There is sufficient time available to open and manage a syndicate by the close date.
2) The founders of the company we are investing in consent to syndicating their deal.

Check out some of the companies that RVC investors have invested in: Portfolio Companies