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RVC Pitch Event – On the second Tuesday of each month we pitch 4 companies a room of 50-150 community members including investors, entrepreneurs, service providers, and graduate students. Companies come from a wide variety of industries including software, technology, life sciences, consumer products and more. The main criteria for pitching companies is that they should be capable of rapid growth that can provide a venture capital grade return of 10x the original investment.  

FOLLOW-UP – After each pitch event, RVC Angel Investors meet in Denver, Boulder and Golden to collaborate on investing in deals.  They share in due diligence and syndicate together so that entrepreneurs can get exposure to many angels at once and benefit from a single term sheet negotiation.  RVC also syndicates with VCs and other angel groups around the region.

REQUIRED!  All companies that pitch to RVC monthly events are required to take and pass the RVC Pitch Academy course. This is a half-day hands-on workshop where presenters get input on their pitch, their strategy and learn what investors are looking for. The Pitch Academy is open to the public, and required for those who wish to pitch to RVC investors.  

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Entrepreneurs who go through Pitch Academy statistically have 20X more chance of getting funded by angels and VCs.   In the second half of 2012, 24 RVC Pitch Academy graduates raised over $15 million in Colorado.

APPLY TO PITCH by clicking on the Apply Now button above.  This will get you into the queue for upcoming events.  RVC receives a large number of applications, so you may not receive an invitation immediately.  You are welcome to attend Pitch Academy at any time however, and those selected to pitch may re-take the academy to further refine their pitch.  If you are invited to pitch and you re-take the academy within ninety days, there is no charge.

Sign up for the next Pitch Academy class here. Taking the Pitch Academy class is not sufficient to pitch to investors. You must also apply to pitch and be selected by RVC reviewers.