1. Apply to pitch to the Rockies Venture Club through the Business Catapult.
  2. We filter our applications to find the ventures that are most appropriate for Angel Investors. We look for scalable businesses that need $300K-$1M in investment funds.
  3. Once selected, each company MUST enroll and pass our RVC Pitch Academy course. We require this step of every company, no matter how experienced, so that our investors are presented with high caliber, standardized pitches. This course costs $129 for members, $149 for non-members. The fee can be waived by serving 10 hours of volunteer work to the Rockies Venture Club.
  4. Check the RVC Calendar for rolling deadlines. If you are selected, you will be notified a few days after the deadline. Your application will stay active until you take it down. When you are no longer interested in pitching to the Rockies Venture Club, please take down your application materials. Keep application materials updated. If you have an event that decreases the risk of your investment opportunity, please update your application.

Once you’ve been accepted, here are the opportunities that are offered to RVC Companies.

  • Your company will pitch to The Rockies Venture Club. The whole community (investors, peers, service providers, and students) meets on the second Tuesday of each month in our monthly meeting where 4 companies present. This event also includes an educational segment and a networking happy hour.
  • Your company will be discussed in the Investor Forum that meets twice a month. This is a closed-door, investor-only group. After you pitch, you will be on the agenda for three months to pique the interests of investors who attend the meeting. We have 50 Angels on the email list for the Forum and 30 regularly attend Forum meetings.
  • Quarterly, we will hold a meeting where 4 top candidate companies will pitch to a closed door group of investors. This intimate setting allows for more intense Q and A.
  • The RVC can schedule a deep dive meeting for your company if you attract attention of RVC investors. This is a meeting where you meet directly with interested investors with the goal of getting solid commitments to investment.
  • Additionally, we can post information and updates about your company in a private folder for investors.

What does Rockies Venture Club look for?
The Rockies Venture Club carefully screens companies who want to present at the regular meetings. We seek companies that have the opportunity to achieve returns of 10x or more for investors.
Rockies Venture Club investors will often pool funds to make investments typically in the $300,000 to $1,000,000 range.
We look for businesses that are beyond the “conceptual” stage. This means you have two or more of the following characteristics: excellent management teams, prototype, or working model, IP protection, existing customers (even if they are beta clients), some product and/or market validation, growing market, high barriers to entry, highly differentiated product/service.