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Peter:  Per our telephone conversation today I am sending you an introduction and web site link to Rollens.  As we discussed we are a well established company in the eye care and dental markets with the leading eye protection product for patients.  We have been in business since the 1980’s here in Parker Colorado and supply customers primarily in the U.S. with some international exposure also.  The product is 100% U.S. materials and all manufacturing done in Colorado.  You can read more about this and see what our customers are saying by dropping by our web site at www.Rollens.com.
Over the last several years we have conducted the ground floor investigation on a number of promising new markets for our products outside the eye care and dental markets. Any one or more of these would make a good fit.  What we need is new entrepreneurial viewpoints and energy like we had more than 20 years ago when we started Rollens.  I called you knowing you were current on local entrepreneurial activity and would be an encouraging starting point on this search.
After you have a chance to review the web site I would appreciate a meeting to discuss this in more detail.
Brad Ayers, New Business Development
Rollins Professional Products