Rockies Venture Club Consulting Services

Entrepreneurs and investors alike need help from time to time with specialized knowledge and tasks when they need to get things done.   RVC’s expert consultants can help you in a variety of ways.   We help you get ready for funding and for rapid growth beyond.

Funding Strategy
If you’re struggling to figure out how to get your company funded, you may need to have professional help in developing your funding plan.  This plan includes verifying that your company is ready for funding, that you have all the necessary documentation and homework done that investors will want to see, that you have a great pitch that will compel investors to join your cause and that you have a valuation that makes sense.  Your funding plan isn’t just for the next round, but should include a strategy for all funding rounds between now and your liquidation event or exit strategy.

How much is your business worth?   No sales? No assets?  How do you come up with a number that is fair to both investor and entrepreneur?  RVC has a proprietary methodology for early stage valuations and we can work with you to come up with a fair and defensible valuation for your business.

Fractional CEO
Maybe you’re a genius software developer or medical device designer, but you need some help with the business end of your business.   An RVC fractional CEO can help you to get your company going in the right direction and install best business practices so that you can grow faster and more efficiently.  Special projects might include budgeting, strategic planning, supply chain, marketing plans, human resources development, accounting setup, business development and maybe even pitching your business to investors.

A fractional CEO is a cost-effective way to move your company ahead quickly without the overhead of a full time CEO position.  For RVC Keystone members, half of the cost of the Fractional CEO can be paid in equity in order to help you preserve your precious cash reserves.

Ask about options for fractional CMO, CIO, CFO positions as well.

Marketing Planning and Execution
If you have designed the perfect widget, that’s just the beginning.  You need a strategy for distribution, pricing, strategic partnerships and promotion of your product.  Before you can raise capital, you’ll need to demonstrate that people will buy your product at the price you have selected.  Marketing planning can include market research to determine demand, customer interviews and collection of data to validate your claims to investors that you have a viable market for your product.

Strategic Planning
Before you can raise capital, you need to have a clear plan about how you are going to get from point A to point B.  What are the steps needed to get there?  What are the risks and your plans to mitigate them?  What resources will you need (financial as well as people)?   How long is it going to take?

Without a strategic plan, your path to growth will be slower and more costly – exactly what investors are not interested in.  Even though plans change in entrepreneurial organizations, there must be a plan in place at all times in order to be clear about your goals, align your team in the same direction and to anticipate the problems that lie ahead before they occur.

Private Placement Memorandum
A PPM helps protect you from legal liability if things fail to go according to plan.  It also lays out clearly the terms of your deal and everyone’s role.  Entrepreneurs should consider having a PPM done BEFORE they begin seeking funding in order to speed up the process and reduce risk of liability.

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