Time to start gearing up for the Angel Capital Summit!
Colorado’s Largest Angel Event!

The Angel Capital Summit is an annual conference that connects investors with entrepreneurial companies seeking funding. The conference includes education benefiting both angel investors and entrepreneurs, networking segments, pitches with VC commentary and Venture Bucks awards.  The Angel Capital Summit is hosted by the Rockies Venture Club.

News and Updates:


 RVC Academy Workshops coming up:

RVC Academy: Valuation for Early Stage companies:

A workshop to learn how to price early stage companies

by Thought Leader: Peter Adams, MBA Executive Director, Rockies Venture Club co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies

This class is designed for both investorand entrepreneursto learn valuation side by side.

  • How can you assign value to a company with no income and no assets?
  • Does discounting future value work?
  • What is the role of risk quantification in early stage valuation.
  • Find out how an inflated valuation can deflate a company.
  • Hands-on practice with FIVE different valuation methodologies.
  • How to use valuation models for negotiation.
  • How exit strategies five years in the future can impact your valuation NOW.