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We know that it is challenging to be an entrepreneur. Founders rarely have a boss they can turn to (or get direction from). Sometimes you just wish you had a big team of smart people with whom your could bounce ideas around.

The Funding MasterMind Meetings are designed for exactly that purpose. We gather smart entrepreneurs and an expert or two in a room for two hours near the end of every month. Companies can feel free to unload problems, bring challenges, and work though big ideas. What happens in  MasterMind Meetings stays in MasterMind Meetings.

Here’s a few of the challenges that people come to MasterMind meetings to work out:

  • I need some help identifying a manufacturer that can lower the cost of my product.
  • Should I license my technology?
  • Another company just called and made me a lowball offer to buy me out entirely. Do I take it, or go through with my Seed Round?
  • My product is complicated and I have trouble getting people to understand what it is in 30 seconds or less.
  • I’ve invented and patented my product, but now what?
  • I’ve applied to pitch at the RVC Monthly Meeting and haven’t heard back? What gives?

No matter how early stage or advanced, you will enjoy sharing your experiences with the room to get and give feedback.