Rockies Venture Club Course Catalog

Check the RVC Event Calendar to see which courses are being offered this month. We keep these classes on regular rotation throughout the year. Individuals can participate in one or many of these courses as desired. If your organization would like to schedule a special offering of one or more of these courses, please contact

Discounts and scholarships

RVC basic and full members get $24 off of each course. There are discounts for team members when you take the class as a group. RVC Keystone and Corporate members have access to all RVC courses for free. Scholarships may be available depending on sponsor participation.


  • Pitch Academy is a 4-hour course for companies planning to pitch in the next RVC Monthly Meeting. There is room in the class for 4 additional companies each month. Register early, seats are popular. Thought leaders: Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club and Nicole Gravagna, Director of Operations for Rockies Venture Club.
  • Valuation of Early-Stage Companies is a course designed for founders and investors to determine the most advantageous valuation for early-stage companies. Thought leader: Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club.
  • Private Equity Prep Course will be available for companies to determine whether they are ready to seek capital. This will be an intensive workshop where each company can identify and address opportunities for improvement. We may end up calling it a Roadmap to Readiness Course. Thought leader: Peter Adams, Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club.
  • Identifying and Designing a Good Investment Deal is for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Why getting a “great deal” might ruin the company. Thought leader: Lauren Ivison from ClearCreek Partners.
  • Go-To-Market Strategy is the number one determinant of revenue plan success. You must have a strong go-to-market strategy for investors to believe that you can turn your pro forma into real dollars.
  • Franchising (as a fundraising strategy) – Sometimes Seed or A Round capital doesn’t make much sense. This is especially true with companies that want to grow large, but don’t want to exit any time soon. Does franchising make sense for your startup?
  • Due Diligence is designed for both entrepreneurs and investors. We explore whether third party due diligence services are a smart expenditure for entrepreneurs and outline a plan for investors to learn what they need to know about a company without spending hundreds of hours doing so.
  • Strategic Partnerships discusses the power of the corporate partnership. If you are paying full price for major business services, you might be missing some great discounts through formal relationships with other businesses.
  • Exit Strategy this is the third thing an investor should ask an entrepreneur right after, “what is it” and “how does it make money”. A strong Exit Strategy is a comforting indication that the entrepreneur is aligned with the investor on making money from the investment transaction. Learn how to develop an amazing exit strategy for your company.
  • Guest courses – whenever possible, we invite partner organizations to give classes on the topics that they find meaningful. Often these classes are offered free to members as a big thank-you for being a part of Rockies Venture Club!
    • Creative Teambuilding Solutions is a great class for companies that are growing and expect to bring more people on board in the next year. Thought leader: John Kingdeski from Edgelink.
    • Crowdfunding Openshop is a class focused on crowdfunding and the Form RL which is the Colorado DORA form that allows you to offer your private company equity more publicly within the state. Thought leader: Brian Tsuchiya from Vim Inc.
    • Social Media Marketing has become a necessity, not a choice, in business marketing. Accept it, you must tweet, facebook, and blog to get ahead in business these days. Learn what all the fuss is about. Thought leader: Linda Hughes from ECO.