Frequently asked questions about RVC Fees

Do I have to pay to apply to pitch? No

Do I have to take the Pitch Academy to apply to pitch? No, but I have to admit it helps us to see that you are ready to pitch if you pitch in the class. If you take the class, then get accepted, you don’t have to pay for the class again. We do suggest you come back and pitch in class again (for free) to get more feedback.

Do I have to pay for Pitch Academy AND the ticket to the pitch event? No. When you pitch at a conference, you pay for the ticket and get coached through a volunteer pitch coach for free. When you pitch in a monthly pitch meeting, you pay for the class  and then get into the pitch meeting for free.

Do my teammates have to pay for their tickets to see me pitch? Yes. If you are a member, you can register them all at your reduced member price.

How many investors usually come to the pitch meeting? There’s generally 20-35 investors in a room of 100 and up to 100 investors at the bigger conferences with 300+ people.

How much is the Pitch Academy Class? $149 for non-members, $125 for basic members, $99 for Full Members and Free for Keystone members.

What is the “Mastermind”?  Mastermind groups are held monthly to help entrepreneurs with their funding strategy.  Free to members at all levels, it is a great way to get regular free consulting from experts and your peers.

How much is a membership? $125 for basic, $499 for full, and $995 for Keystone – all memberships are one year starting from the date you sign up.

Do you take a cut of the deal when investment happens? No. We can’t. It’s not legal to do that unless you are a broker-dealer. RVC does put together investment syndicates into a single purpose LLC which can have a carried interest.

Do you take a finder’s fee? Again, not legal. See above.

Do you foresee making the Pitch Academy or the pitch process free for entrepreneurs in the future? No. We think it’s fair for founders to contribute with either their time or money. This is a community-based non-profit. We think everyone should give a little to keep RVC going for another 27 years.

How do you make money? Through classes, memberships, ticket sales, and sponsorships.

Why do people become members? There’s an economic incentive. If you buy the keystone membership, everything is free for you and a partner for the year. Basic members get 50% off monthly pitch meetings. I think it’s also to be part of an organization that has been a fundamental part of the Angel investment community in Colorado.

How do I become an “accredited investor”?  Accredited Investors have a net worth of $1 million or more excluding their primary residence or income of $200,000/$300,000 per year for single/married investors.  Accredited investors are invited to attend RVCs regional angel forums in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.  There is no requirement to invest and RVCs investors choose the deals they want to get involved with on a deal by deal basis.

Still have questions? Reach out to Peter or Dave