RVC Pitch Academy is a course that we hold once a month to prepare entrepreneurs to pitch to investors. The “Lecture Plus Personalized Coaching” version is REQUIRED for companies who have been accepted to pitch to the Rockies Venture Club.

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New pricing! Take the Pitch Academy “Lecture Only” for only $75 (members).

This version of the course is not available for companies accepted to pitch to investors.


How often in life do you get an “Oprah Moment”?
If you had the opportunity to appear on Oprah would you go in unprepared, hoping that you would look great without any practice or preparation? What is the cost of failure when you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make an impression?
You only have one chance – don’t blow it!

If you have the opportunity to present your business to Angel Investors, Venture Capital firms or Private Equity funds, you typically have five minutes to convey the crucial information about your team, your business, its market, your strategy, barriers to entry, capitalization, exit strategy and more. You have just one chance and rarely does anyone receive a second opportunity to present. How can you present all that information in a coherent “story” that simultaneously grabs the attention of the investor and informs them of the critical information they need to know to make an educated “go/no-go” decision?

Pitch Academy is much more than just pitches
When you go through the four hour pitch academy, you receive expert critique and advice on your pitch, your strategy, your plan and your chance of success. Attendees often exit the academy with a completely revamped business plan that is designed to appeal to investors while also increasing your chances of business success.

At the academy you will learn:

How to create a “hook” that will grab your audience and keep their attention.
How to time your presentation to build excitement throughout your pitch.
What are the ten key pieces of information you MUST include in your pitch.
What are investors looking for?
What are the different kinds of investors?
What are the different kinds of entrepreneurs – what kind are you?

The Pitch Academy is Hands On
Before you arrive at the pitch academy you will have received a pitch criteria judging form so that you know what the key elements investors are looking for and you can prepare a powerful pitch deck that hits on all the key points.
At the academy you will have the opportunity to present your pitch and receive feedback from a room full of investment experts and your peer entrepreneurs. You will receive frank, constructive criticism about your pitch, your business opportunity and where you need to focus to improve your pitch.

Proven Success
Rockies Venture Club uses an audience response system to gauge audience rankings of pitches based on two questions: “Please rate the quality of the pitch” and “Please rate the quality of the business opportunity”
Companies that have gone through the pitch academy regularly receive ratings TWICE as high as those companies who have not completed the coaching process.

FAQ about Pitch Academy

Q: How much is the course?

A: Use the handy chart below to determine your cost. We charge different rates depending on how deeply your company wants to participate in the course. We encourage you to bring all of your team members so that all of you know how to pitch your company equally well.

 Participation Level  Basic and Full Members Non-Member
 Lecture Only (1 team member)  $75 $99
 Add Personalized Coaching  add $50 add $50
 Bring an extra team member  add $39 add $39
 Bring two extra team members  add $69 add $69
 Bring up to 4 extra team members  add $119 (only $29.75/person!) add $119


Q: I’m not ready to pitch yet. I just want to understand what I need to learn about the process. Can I take the class?

A: You can sign up for Pitch Academy without pitching in class. The “Lecture Only” version of Pitch Academy is available for people exactly like you. You are encouraged to sit in on other company’s pitch presentations in class and participate in the coaching process.

Q: If I take the Pitch Academy course, am I guaranteed to pitch to investors?

A: No. You must apply to pitch and be accepted by RVC reviewers. Sometimes it helps to take the Pitch Academy course since we get dozens of applications every week and it can be hard to stand out on a paper application. If you take the course and subsequently are accepted to pitch in the next 2 months, you do not have to pay again to take the course. Further, you are welcome to audit the course to polish your pitch the Friday before you pitch to investors (if you pitch within two months of your initial course participation).

Q: I’ve pitched hundreds of times, why do I have to take this stupid class?

A: If you’ve pitched many times, you know very well how important it is to have a standardized pitch when approaching investors. The pitch that works in California, or even an hour away at High Altitude Investors in Colorado Springs is not the same pitch that we do here. Our investors hear nearly 100 RVC pitches per year – all standardized to our specifications. If your pitch looks different, you stand out in a bad way and are not taken seriously. We know our investors and can give you an insider’s view of your audience.

Q: I thought you were a non-profit. Why do you make us pay to pitch?

A: We never make companies pay to pitch! We require companies to pay for the invaluable education that we provide. Rockies Venture Club is not getting rich off of your course fees. We promise. We have costs associated with renting the classroom space, gathering the educational materials, and providing snacks.

We have noticed that the entrepreneur who approaches fund raising as a student of the culture, process, and current economic climate is more likely to successfully raise money. We measure our success as an organization on whether or not you successfully close your funding round. We don’t take a percentage of the raise like for-profit fund-finders do. We don’t get a commission off the deal. Doesn’t that little course fee seem like a pretty good value when you look at the alternatives?