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RVC’s Active Deals

These are deals that have gone through RVC’s Due Diligence Process and a syndicate is being formed.

New Deals-in-Play


Vortic Watch Co. is a small batch watch manufacturing and vintage restoration company located in Northern Colorado.

OverWatchID is solving the Identity Security crisis that is impacting business customers across the globe. The threat is caused by Privileged User credentials being compromised and this breach vector is the cause of >90% of major data breaches.

Follow-On Opportunitites

AQ BioMed has developed the AQ Shunt, a drainage device that reduces the buildup of fluid and accompanying pressure in the eye that is characteristic of glaucoma.

ClinOne is a cloud-based information and document sharing platform that connects pharma companies to clinical trial sites and patients globally through internet-enabled computers and mobile devices. ClinOne is the digital gateway delivering clinical study content securely to the point of care.

PharmaJet has developed user-friendly, inexpensive device platforms for fluid injection into the body without a needle. They are now extending their Series F investment opportunity.

Silvernest is a room-matching service that pairs aging homeowners with roommates and tools for long-term home sharing through a web-based platform.

Swimlane is an automated security operations platform that enables organizations to automatically respond to cyber attacks and automate many of the tasks required to protect the enterprise.